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HobbesySgt. Nuker

I'm on your profile, stealin your space. ^.^
Jun 15 2007 18:26
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ThinkerSgt. Rho

Master chief the creator of advanced airforce. I really wish I could play it but i dont have specs for cnc 3 good luck on making it badass.
Jun 15 2007 17:52
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stinger the peacekeeper as I seen in past post. Id like to thank you for contributing ideas to shockwave.
Jun 15 2007 17:49
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ThinkerProphet of the Pimps

Its the iron hand of shockwave The co admin id like to thank you for making a great mod shockwave.
Jun 15 2007 17:39
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Prophet of the PimpsCodeCat

1337 haxor feline of this forum. beware of his haxing.
Jun 15 2007 17:08
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Good luck on school if you still go and good luck on the mod shockwave. :)
Jun 15 2007 16:40