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[Info] Particle System Information

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Posted 07 November 2005 - 21:55

Particle parameters (updated)

Priority =
if there is very much particles then the game will remove some of them.
first the game will remove particles with low priority

The priorities are:
1 - ALWAYS_RENDER (never be removed)
2 - CRITICAL (highest priority)
10 - BuiLDUP
13 - WEAPON_EXPLOSION (lowest priority)

Type =
Can be "PARTICLE" for generic particles and "STREAK" for small missile trails (such trail looks like a line)

ParticleName =
The sprite to draw as a particle (file name). The files are in DDS format but here you must write ".tga" You can use any DDS file. Even unit textures. DDS files are stored in Textures.big and in TexturesZH.big.

PerParticleAttachedSystem =
Another particle to create

Shader =
Type of transparency. Can be "ALPHA" or "ADDITIVE". The difference is unknown.

AngleZ =
Initial angles (2 values). The game will generate random value between them. This is rotation angle around Z axis. No any 3D. A particle can be rotated right or left.

AngularRateZ =
Angle speed (2 values too). And the game will generate random too.

Gravity =
Gravity. Positive value causes to move up. Negative - to move down.

Lifetime =
Life time in miliseconds (in what time to remove this particle). (2 values, Random between them)

Size =
Size (2 values, Random between them)

SizeRate =
Speed with which to increase or decrease the size. (2 values, Random between them)

Transparency and colors:

Alpha[X] = [transparency1] [transparency2] [time]
Color[X] = R:[value] G:[value] B:[value] [time]

[X] can be between 1 and 8
[transparency] can be between 0.00 (invisible) and 1.00 (not transparent). (2 values, random between them).
[value] can be from 0 to 255
[time] is miliseconds in which to turn on the transparency (or color)

Alpha1 1.00 1.00 0 ; is not transparent initially
Alpha2 0.50 0.50 10 ; becomes transparent in 10 miliseconds after creation
Alpha2 0.25 0.25 20 ; becomes more transparent in 20 miliseconds after creation
Alpha3 0.00 0.00 30 ; becomes invisible in 30 miliseconds after creation

The list of some colors:
R:0 G:0 B:0 - black
R:128 G:128 B:128 - grey
R:255 G:255 B:255 - white
R:255 G:0 B:0 - red
R:0 G:255 B:0 - green
R:0 G:0 B:255 - blue
R:0 G:255 B:255 - cyan
R:255 G:0 B:255 - magneta
R:255 G:255 B:0 - yellow

SystemLifetime =
How much time particle system will emit particles

InitialDelay =
Delay before to begin creation (2 values, Random between them)

BurstCount =
How much particles to create (2 values, Random between them)

BurstDelay =
Delay between creations (2 values, Random between them)

The game waits "InitialDelay" amout of millisecnds. Then creates "BurstCount" number of particles. Then waits "BurstDelay" amout of milisecnds. Then creates "BurstCount" number of particles again. Then waits "BurstDelay" amout of milisecnds again and etc. Until "SystemLifetime" time lasts. This is correct now.

IsOneShot = [yes/no]
Works only with SystemLifetime=0. If "yes" then particle will be created only once. if "no" the system will create particles forever.

DriftVelocity =
Drift velocity. 3 values. They are X,Y and Z speeds

VelocityType =
Type of moving (purpose is unknown)
Velocity types are:

IsGroundAligned =
Is it lies on ground as poison field or flies in air as smoke

IsEmitAboveGroundOnly =
If "= yes" then is will not work over the water

VolumeType =
Type of volume for particle. Can be "POINT", "SPHERE", "LINE" or

if VolumeType is point:
VolumeType = POINT

if VolumeType is sphere:
VolumeType = SPHERE
VolSphereRadius = ;radius

if VolumeType is line:
VolumeType = LINE
VolLineStart = X:[offset] Y:[offset] Z:[offset]
VolLineEnd = X:[offset] Y:[offset] Z:[offset]

if VolumeType is cylinder:
VolumeType = CYLINDER
VolCylinderRadius = ;radius
VolCylinderLength = ;length

WindMotion = [Circular / PingPong / Unused]
"Circular" and "PingPong" are 2 types of wind. "Unused" disables wind motion.

Wind values for most particles are:

WindAngleChangeMin = 0.149924
WindAngleChangeMax = 0.449946
WindPingPongStartAngleMin = 0.000000
WindPingPongStartAngleMax = 0.785398
WindPingPongEndAngleMin = 5.497787
WindPingPongEndAngleMax = 6.283185

The purposes of these values are unknown:

AngularDamping =
VelocityDamping =
StartSizeRate =
SizeRateDamping =
ColorScale =
VelOutward =
VelOutwardOther =
IsHollow =
IsParticleUpTowardsEmitter =

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Screen By the goofed guy who runs this forum Tutorial By Creator

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Posted 20 July 2009 - 17:31

hey guys necro of the century, I know 8|, but I see it as my duty to add to this topic :sly:

View PostChrizz, on 7 Nov 2005, 23:55, said:

The purposes of these values are unknown:

AngularDamping =
VelocityDamping =
StartSizeRate =
SizeRateDamping =
ColorScale =
VelOutward =
VelOutwardOther =
IsHollow =
IsParticleUpTowardsEmitter =

AngularDamping =
the speed the turningspeed increases/reduces

VelocityDamping =
the speed the normal speed increases/reduces

SizeRateDamping =
the speed the scaling speep increases/reduces

VelOutward =
this is the speed the particles move away from the center over the horizontal plane

VelOutwardOther =
this is the speed the particle moves up or down, the gravity still applies, when the gravity is negative and the VelOutwardOther is positive, the particle will first jump up to later fall down

these 2 are very much like:
VelocityType = CYLINDRICAL
VelCylindricalRadial = 0.25 0.75
VelCylindricalNormal = 0.10 0.30
these are in the same order

IsHollow =
works for used for VolumeType = CYLINDER and used for VolumeType = SPHERE, defines if the particles are only on the edge of the cylinder/sphere or are all over it

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Posted 22 April 2010 - 19:06


thanks dude

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Posted 22 April 2010 - 19:23

Dude you didn't need to bring this thread out of its dead state just to say thanks. Please be aware of the previous post dates.
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