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Posted 03 February 2007 - 10:22

Advanced Warfare is a Sci-Fi mod for Red Alert 3, however, realistic gameplay elements, like tanks taking more damage on the rear than on the front or the sides, or normal tank shots killing infantry on one shot. The story takes place around the year 2700 after earth. (In our years, that's around 3500.)

To the Story:

Year 2700 after the destruction of Earth in the Year 2900 a.D. Countless Planets have been colonized in the past 2700 years, and now, there are 2 Empires fighting each other to death, the Wereth-Nefrae Alliance (Short: WMA), which have their HQ on the planets Wereth and Nefrae, both Earth like planets, about 40 light years away from Earth. and the Mars-Europa Coalition (Short: MEC). The WMA has almost lost the War, they have only 3 Planets left: Their HQ planets and a planet called "Gateway", it has it's name because it's the only way to access WMA space, a desert planet, the other 80 planets that where under their control have been lost to the MEC. Now the MEC is assembling an entire fleet of war and invasion ships to capture Gateway. Every single military unit the WMA has is being transferred to Gateway, and every single Civilian there is being evacuated.

...and this is where you, the player, come "into play".

And to the Gameplay:

It's quite simple: The player has to deploy mobile control centers near different kinds of tech buildings to gain access to them. There are the following Tech-buildings placed around the map:

-Fusion reactor: A kind of reactor that uses hydrogen isotopes to generate energy, buy melding them together to helium.

-Cargo port: Cargo ships land here to drop of Vehicles and Aircraft.

-Quantum tunnel gate: An Alien tech based structure, that uses Wormholes to gather infantry around the galaxy, think Stargate.

-Defense platform: A heavily armored platform with plasma cannons, rail guns and ion cannons deployed near strategic points. To capture a defense site, it's necessary to deploy an MCC near it's control bunker. If the enemy has captured it, you will have to use artillery to destroy his MCC.

-Shield generator: A massive building, which requires lots of power, that generates an impenetrable shield around it. The only way to recapture it if the enemy has it, is to send heavy infantry inside to destroy the MCC.

MEC - Mars-Europa Coalition:
The MEC is a interstellar Empire, reaching over 800 planets in the galaxy. They tried several times to destroy the WMA, however, the WMA ships are vastly superior to MEC ships. In the "million ship fight" over Gateway, the MEC lost over 800000 ships, while the WMA lost only 50000. They have a secret weapon though, the Poseidon... They use mostly slip and smooth desings in their units. They use nearly only, beside proton torpedoes, energy weapons.

WMA - Wereth Mefrae Alliance:
The WMA is a now decimated Alliance of human colonists and an Alien race, the "Creators". The Creators have provided the Humans technologys of extreme power. Enough to even tear entire planets into shreds. They only have 200000 ships, of which about 50000 are lost while trying to fight of a massive MEC onslaught. They use more angular desings. They don't have energy weapons, only projectile weapons.

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Posted 29 June 2008 - 10:17

Updated. With story and tech buildings and gameplay included.

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