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How to make a nice looking hill with a ramp

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Posted 07 June 2007 - 22:42

AfterFlash, reporting in....

Hello people, I am AfterFlash. And I will tell you today how to make a nice hill with a ramp guiding you up. :omfg:.

Let's begin, shall we?

Choose the Height Brush tool As shown below:

Posted Image

Next, time to smoothen the height out so it'll look pretty.
Select the Smooth Height tool (below); Make sure the selections in the box are similar to the ones in this picture. After that, use your mouse and click and drag the bottom of the hill until the impassable area dissapears.

Posted Image

Now to make a real ramp. Select the "Ramp" tool from the toolbar. It's shaped like a white triangle. A box should pop up. Where it says: Ramp Width, enter 50 in the white box. Now, click and drag your mouse from the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill until you see this:

Posted Image

Now release the mouse button and select "Place Ramp". Your ramp should now look like this:

Posted Image

EWW!!! Look at those ugly edges! We don't want them, now do we? Well, let's fix em! Select the "Smooth Height" tool again just like you did before, but this time, you are smoothening the ramp instead of making one. So, after you have selected the tool (make sure the box numbers are the same as the ones in the box) and then click and drag along the UGLY corners, BUT! not too much or the ramp will look uglier than it did.

Posted Image

There's your hill! Now for some textures! Select the Texture tool in the toolbar (as shown below). Then select the "Mountain Rugged" folder.

Posted Image

Now, Select "2%CliffMediumType16" from the list. Then, click and drag along the hills (don't forget the back of the hills, too! You can rotate your camera angle by clicking the midle scroll wheel on your mouse and turning it) otherwise it won't look very nice.

Posted Image

Good! now you have the textures done, but they don't look very nice now do they? Click on the Blend tool from the toolbar (the black square) and then click on the textures, and WALA! they magically blend!!

Posted Image

Now for the middle areas, select the texture tool again but this time, select "2%GrassMediumType11" (still under the "Mountain Rugged" folder) and "paint" everything inside the red box with that texture. Like this:


Great! Now just blend it into the environment using the Blend tool:


Awesome! Now, we didn't forget about the top of the hills, so, select the Texture tool again, and under Mountain Rugged folder, select "2%CliffMediumType12" and paint along inside the red box (you will have to turn the camera around to look at the back and sides of the hill):


After that, just blend it! Ok, now for a path connecting the ramp and the hills together. Under the Mountain Rugged folder, select "2%DirtMediumType7" and draw a path as shown, then blend it.


Wow! Now that looks real! Now, we want to add some buildings. Select the "Place Object" tool from the menu (as shown) and select the "Tech Buildings" folder and select TechOilDerrick and place them on the hills as shown. But! We need something to protect these goodies, so...Let's add a Flak Bunker!,right below the OilDerrick, you should see TechFlakBunker, select it, and add it to the hills as shown!=:


There you have it! Your hill! Well, guess my work here is over....


For words in purple: If you do not have ShW, select Civilian, select Structures, then scroll down until you find TechOilDerrick.

For words in blue: There is no FlakBunker in Vanilla Zero Hour, so, let's replace the bunker with an Artillery Platform! Select the Place Object tool, go to Civilian, select Strutures, then find TechArtilleryPlatform and place as shown:


Well, it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun, so, until next time, my work here is over! You have just made a beatiful hill!

AfterFlash, signing out...

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