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So is this mod for real RA3?

stewox's Photo stewox 31 Oct 2008

I am very excited to see all RA2:YR contents in Red Alert 3 engine.

I can supply ideas, opinions, ... maybe do some tasks...

Generally I'm familiar with:

C&C3 XML , RA2 ini , Gen ZH ini

Final Alert 2(YR), C&C3 worldbuilder

I do know much but i don't know if enough, but I can learn fast anything(no art stuff)...

RA3 XMLs would be very similar to C&C3 ... While there is no SDK nor Worldbuilder out for RA3?

Amdrial's Photo Amdrial 01 Nov 2008

Welcome to E-Studios mate, make yourself at home, and remember, once you enter, you may never leave.

As for a more on-topic comment: This mod is indeed for Red Alert 3 and Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour.

I have no idea if they still look help in the departments you're offering, but I'm sure Slye can use a hand with some XML editing.
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Slye_Fox's Photo Slye_Fox 01 Nov 2008

there's nothing to help with at the moment.

Can't mod RA3 till the SDK comes out.

And if you want to make some sugestions, do it in the Condition Red: Rise To Power forum, RA3: Condiiton Red is gonna be a pure clone.