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Slye_Fox's Photo Slye_Fox 25 Nov 2008

Name: Unknown
Type: Tank/Vehicle
Faction: Soviets
Aoearence: A soviet take on the magnetron
Weapon/s: None/many
Premese: After research was done on Yuri's Magnetron, the soviets came up with a way to use it's magnetic energy. When this unit targets an armed enemy vehicle, it begins to use it's magnetic energy to crush it, given enough time, it will rip the weapon from it and arm itself with a new turret based weapon.

Slye_Fox's Photo Slye_Fox 02 Jun 2009

Name: "Frost Bite" Cryogenics Truck
Type: Vehicle
Faction: Allied
Aoearence: Concept Pic
Cryobeam Cannon
Instantly freezes infantry and slowly kills them with extreame cold.
Vehicles and structures are ruduesced to 50% speed in all areas.
Frozen units take 50% more damage from regular weapons.

Cryo cloud detionation
When the Cryogenics Truck is destroyed, it's coolent tanks rupture and releace all of their contents in a masive cloud of freezeing.
All objects within a short range are instantly frozen as if hit by the Cryobeam Cannon, freind and foe alike are efected.

Premese: Development into new chronosphre technology lead to the research of coolent materials as a viable weapon source. It was found that the coolent, when chaneled through a simaler device to the Chrono legonaires nuetron rifle, was able to instantly freeze infantry units and slowdown vehicles and structures.
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Slye_Fox's Photo Slye_Fox 12 Jun 2009

Name: "Cerberus" Flame Tank
Type: Tank
Faction: Soviet
Aoearence: Concept Pic
Jaws of the Hellhound
A pair of turret mounted flamethrowers, each able to deal it's own amount of damage for the extra crispy infantryman.

Missile Tube
A large tube used to launge short range missiles against armour units and structures, no AA capability.

Premese: Research into prior battles against the allied nations showed that the flame turret was efective against light units, but lacked ability to attack ranged units. Soviet engineers have taken the flame turret technology and installed it onto an armoured chassis large enough to include the massive amounts of prometium used on the main weapons.

WNxMastrefubu's Photo WNxMastrefubu 12 Jun 2009

wouldnt the fire be more useful against buildings than the missle, or is it an anti building missle

Slye_Fox's Photo Slye_Fox 13 Jun 2009

 WNxMastrefubu, on 12 Jun 2009, 20:58, said:

wouldnt the fire be more useful against buildings than the missle, or is it an anti building missle

It's a short range high explosive rocket.

More power, less fuel.

Slye_Fox's Photo Slye_Fox 17 May 2010

While working on the Kirov model, I cam across this image I thought I might be good as an upgrade or experimental/epic unit.
Name: Armoured Kirov Airship (upgrade), War Voroshilov Airship
Type: Airship
Faction: Soviet
Appearance: Concept Pic
High-Explosive Bombs
Standard unchanged bombs.

Anti-Air Flak Cannons
A pair of slow firing Flak cannons to deal with some airborne pests

Anti-personnel Vulcan Cannon
A nose mounted mini-gun able to take out those pesky missile infantrymen, not vary effective against vehicles or structures.

Premise: With the increase in enemy air defence to combat the soviet airforce, scientists decided to increase the armour if the Kirov as well as add more armorments to help combat some of the anti-air enemies.

Soul's Photo Soul 18 May 2010

You should so put that in, but I don't know if it should be an upgrade or a completely new unit :P.