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Dauth's Photo Dauth 27 Nov 2008

In here post anything you think should be posted on the website, but please tell us where it should go and why. Remember the moderator's decision is final.

Dr. Strangelove's Photo Dr. Strangelove 27 Nov 2008

Pic of the day.(like the old Shockwave site)

Bob's Photo Bob 27 Nov 2008

That is already on the list for version 2: http://forum.cncrene...showtopic=29301

This thread is for content (i.e. news / downloads / tutorials)

Brad's Photo Brad 28 Nov 2008

Are the old files and models that used to be on the old site (allegedly) still somewhere?

Might be useful to some.

Edit: typo & Also, I have only just noticed the new site :o
As I was dealing with my internet for the past couple of days.
Edited by Tactical_person, 28 November 2008 - 20:58.

Dauth's Photo Dauth 02 Dec 2008

A lot of that media will belong to Chrizz and will probably be on his new E-Studios site.

JJ's Photo JJ 04 Dec 2008

There should be links to the hosted mod websites.

WNxMastrefubu's Photo WNxMastrefubu 13 Dec 2008

i believe that sports section should be added to community

Dauth's Photo Dauth 13 Dec 2008

View PostWNxmastrefubu, on 13 Dec 2008, 3:48, said:

i believe that sports section should be added to community

Which sports? Which sports game? I'd be more enthusiastic if we had more than about 5threads/year about sport. FS seems fairly resistant to sports unless its the members themselves playing.

WNxMastrefubu's Photo WNxMastrefubu 16 Dec 2008

im sure that theres some EPL followers here. even if only a minority. honestly i dont know if anyone know what sports people follow here if any. perhaps a poll?

Dauth's Photo Dauth 16 Dec 2008

How about you ask in entertainment about how many people follow sports and which sports they follow?

WNxMastrefubu's Photo WNxMastrefubu 18 Dec 2008

kk i shall