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Background on the factions

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#1 Dauth

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Posted 22 March 2009 - 18:18

I think having a bit of background lore (fluff if you prefer the term) on the WMA and the ADF, got anything for us MC?

#2 Sgt. Rho

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Posted 28 March 2009 - 21:48

I´m working on it, but I don´t know where I let the stupid file with the things I wrote up is >.<

#3 Destiny

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Posted 29 March 2009 - 02:44

CTRL+F :sly: Hope you remember the filename |8
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#4 Sgt. Rho

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Posted 29 March 2009 - 22:22

that´s not the prob, its on one of my 112345678431345 USB Drives |8

#5 Dauth

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 17:19

Still no news then? This is old but still interesting.

#6 Sgt. Rho

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 17:34


Story Draft

Centuries ago a new founding order unified the races of man and set their course through the stars only to find nothing but dust and uninhabitable planets. This period came about a time of great anxiety and worry as strict population controls and limited faster than light technologies stifled expansion and colonization. Although orbital colonies and planetoid colonies served to alleviate the immediate threat, the new order struggled with quite possibly the most important of issues: Control. Over time the order fell and human civilization descended into a temporary state of anarchy as no nation or peoples wished total collapse of order.
Decades later, after dozens of revisions of nation borders and colony unification, astronomers utilized a new search method and have stumbled upon a habitable world far away. As populations reached critical levels and supplies dwindling, the nations of man forged a combined Coalition in a desperate attempt to colonize this world. Billions of lives were crammed into thousands of colony ships and sent off using what little FTL technology they possessed. The journey took twenty years to complete and the ships deactivated cyrostasis. When they approached the planet, each and every colony ship was shot out of the sky. The world that was later to be known as Gateway was already inhabited by another, marginally more advanced civilization, and they didn’t take the appearance of thousands of large ships kindly. Two billion lives were lost in the colony ships.
Stricken with surprise and the public’s outrage at the hasty colonization attempt, the nations of man resorted to harsh dictatorships just to prevent total collapse of the system. In response for the slaughter of billions of innocents, the nations of man formed a powerful armada and returned to the planet. Over the twenty year journey of the original colony ships, several advancements were made in FTL technology. The journey still took a decade to complete. The planet they arrived at had prepared slightly, using the debris and remnants of the colony ships to better understand human technologies. However the technology in the colony ships were nothing compared to the armada that approached the planet and its defenses.
Given strict orders to not harm the planet’s ecosystem and its habitability, the Fleet descended upon the aliens and fought a careful yet costly ground war. They scoured the world for the aliens and killed any that could be found to avenge the billions of deaths aboard the colony ships. After months of fighting the aliens made a desperate move and retreated from their world. The humans soon declared victory and sifted through the remains of the war. The aliens possessed technology a certain level higher than humanity but not out of reach to reverse engineer. With a whole planet and star system theirs to keep, a second wave of colony ships fitted with millions of prefabricated facilities colonized the planet eight years later.
Generations have passed and the home systems have calmed down and population controls revoked. The new planet titled Antissa grew into a world as sophisticated and as civilized as their home world. After so many years of exploring this new world, the inhabitants discovered more of the vile alien’s technology. They removed the device and studied it in detail. The device was far more sophisticated than the other technology the aliens had but was still within reverse engineering limits. The device’s purpose was never known till it was activated and a strange device erupted from under a major city. Thousands were killed as the massive device emerged from underground and hovered to form some kind of gateway. The device was not fully solid as it was made of 4 separate parts hovering in midair. A probe was sent through and when it relayed information through the portal it found itself tumbling in space. The device would have been shut down and disassembled had it not been for the probe’s camera to locate not one but two green and habitable planets.
Excitement cascaded throughout the two worlds of man and another rush was underway to explore and take these planets. Unlike Antissa these worlds were not inhabited by aliens and were theirs for the taking. It too took many years to colonize but since the gateway connected Antissa to near orbit of the two planets a long range colony ship wasn’t needed. Shuttle craft jumped through the gateway and landed on the two planets, claiming the worlds in the name of mankind. Decades passed and now both worlds were colonized by man and more efforts to support this world were made. No one knew of where this planet lies or how far away it was. All they knew was that it took them to these worlds so they should use it as such.
On several far away worlds the aliens began to panic. Despite the loss of their homeworld they hoped the humans wouldn’t uncover Gateway. For years they hoped, wished, and pleaded that the humans never found it and now their hopes were dashed. They quickly began to mobilize a fleet to strike back at their homeworld and reclaim Gateway. The worlds that lie beyond carry secrets that should never be seen or known, secrets that threaten the aliens. The aliens struck back with enormous numbers using hit and run attacks, eventually breaking through Gateway’s defenses and passing through the portal. First they needed to secure the gate and the twin planets, and then they can focus on the humans inhabiting their homeworld. They set up their forces to endure a defensive fight surrounding the gate and large scores of warriors and shuttles passed through the gate and began an attack against the twin worlds.
Now cut off from their home systems the inhabitants of Wentin and Morpheus found them alone and backs against the wall. The aliens couldn’t send anything larger than a cargo hauler through the portal so the colonists had no fear to face a fight in space, but they must prepare for a prolonged ground war as the humans on the other side fought to reclaim the portal. The two worlds formed the Wentin and Morpheus Alliance to combine each nation’s militia, technology, and supplies to defend themselves against the aliens.
The aliens came too late as the colonists have taken a firm grip on the worlds with an extremely sizable defense army in waiting. Armed with nothing but ground craft and shuttles the aliens knew they had to fight this on the ground. No fleet, no orbital reinforcements. Still, if the colonists wished to fight a battle of attrition, then they will have it. The aliens have unlimited reinforcements through the portal given time. However both sides are low on time. As more days pass, the humans close in on the forbidden secret, and the alien forces defending the gateway have only so much time before the human fleet from their homeworlds arrive and eliminate the alien strike force. The secret must be kept hidden or destroyed; either way its discovery threatens both races.

-This draft follows a rather typical desperation technique but it allows both factions equal treatment of whether they are good or bad. The humans’ greed gave them their worlds by force but the aliens massacred billions of innocents without mercy giving both sides their share of sins. On the good side the Aliens are scrambling head over heal to stop the humans from uncovering a secret so dangerous that the aliens refused to inhabit Wentin and Morpheus and buried the gate that leads there. On the other hand, despite the greed of humanity, the planets have given man peace and prosperity and they will not give up peace so easily.
-Comparatively this story sticks on the safe proven side and not goes too low or too radical in terms of plot. In all respects the unique part of the story is how afraid the aliens are. They don’t seek humanity’s destruction, they are just so determined to stop whatever it is they might find. Once it is gone for good they go their peaceful ways.
-The problem with this story is that it doesn’t allow much room for a more unique and visually original style. The aliens aren’t that advanced like the typical alien invasion flick rather they are close to the humans in terms of technology. This means new concepts to make them pop out cannot be done rather they use a semi conventional style.

This is something I worked out with vengence a few months ago...the deeper backround of the factions is still not finished,

#7 Brad


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Posted 20 April 2009 - 19:19

Seems quite intresting, and some more work on the factions background would much improve the story.
You almost did, didn't you?

#8 Dauth

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Posted 22 May 2009 - 14:57

In the absence of any extended fluff on the factions I did what I could from the stuff you've given us to put on the manuals.



Feel free to change them to your own needs.

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