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Posted 19 September 2009 - 20:11

This is going to be a list of important events in the story of Advanced Warfare, mostly before the events of Advanced Warfare itself, going from 2020 a.C. to 5605 a.C.
3rd millenium:

2020 - First international moon base. IMB. Discovery of the material "Ardite" in a meteorite on the moon.
Between others, Helium 3 is harvested on the IMB for a fusion reactor project.

2030 - Manned mission of the NASA arrives on Mars, ESA mission to the Mars satellite "Deimos" arrives shortly after.
The "Into the Red" project of the NASA and ESA was the first time in history, a human set foot on another planet, as well as another planets moon.

2039 - Begin of the construction of a permanent Mars colony.
Another milestone in space exploration.

2050 - First commercial Fusion reactor power-plant. Construction of "Mars 1" colony finished.
The global energy crisis is considered over after a joint project of NASA, ESA, CERN and several others, spawns the first working fusion reactor, using Helium 3 as fuel from the IMB.

2055 - NATO dissolved, 95% of all Nations on Earth joined under a single government, the former United Nations, now United Earth.
The first step of Humanity toward a single race, instead of multiple nations.

2060 - Terraforming experiment started on Mars.
Under others, monstrosities of magnetic field generators are built on Mars.

2090 - Wreck of Extraterrestrial ship found drifting in the Asteroid belt.
This was to forever prove that we are not alone out there, the ships power source and its propulsion systems were still intact.

2092 - Functional prototype of a faster-than-light propulsion system, reverse-engineered of the Alien ship.
Working under the principles of the "Alcubierre drive", begin of a new era of space exploration.

2100 - NASA and ESA join under the name of "TASE" - Terran Agency of Space Exploration, others soon follow.
this agency is also responsible for the Mars and Moon colonies.

2101 - Dubbed "Warp drive", a test run of the FTL engine from 2092.
It was supposed to bring an unmanned probe into high Jupiter orbit, the probe crashed into Jupiter.

2110 - A new Warp Drive was built, and with appropriate target computers. Begin of the construction of the "Pegasus".
An exploration ship, equipped with the warp drive.

2113 - Space elevator built on the Canarian islands.
No longer would spaceshuttles and rockets be needed to carry sattelites to orbit.

2115 - 8 more elevators built, two of them on the Canarians as well.
Also a space dock and one heavy lifter were built.

2118 - TSS Europa leaves space dock after two and a half years of construction.
This was the first ship built with hyperspace drive, which is based on the alien warp drive, but made entirely with human technology.

2130 - Pegasus return to Earth, flying with sublight engines.
The warp drive broke down while leaving the Ort cloud.

2140 - 5 new colonies are established on Mars. Terraforming experiment complete.
Mars now looks much like Earth, but smaller. Its core even started turning again due to the strong field generators on the 6 colonies, it now has its own magnetic field.

2150 - "Centaurus" probes launched with hyperdrives toward Alpha centauri, Epsilon Eridani, Epsilon Indi, and a few other nearby solar systems.
All were discovered to have planets within their stars inhabitable zone, Eridani and Indi even have Earth like planets, but one is entirely land, the other 90% ocean.

2155 - Two groups of colony ships have been started construction, each group will go to, respectively, Ep. Eridani and Ep. Indi.
This mission would be the first attempt to get humans out of the solar system. The ships were armed with nuclear missiles and several rail-gun turrets, no-one knew what could be encountered there.

2160 - Arrival of group 1 at Epsilon Eridani, an asteroid was found hurtling towards Eridani 3, the Terrestrial planet in the Ep. Eridani system.
So the weaponry of the ships have not been wasted. Infrared signals were picked up from the planets surface, first encounter with an alien civilization.

2162 - group 2 arrives in orbit over Indi 2, the habitable planet in the Epsilon Indi system. Once again, Infrared signals were picked up, second encounter with an alien civilization.
It was the same race as on Eridani 3. Their language was found to resemble Latin a lot, but it wasn't the same.

2163 - Humans get Artificial gravity and better FTL technology from the aliens, they call themselves the Indus and Eridanus, respectively on Indi and Eridani.
Additionally, it was found out that they were at war, the humans came between the fronts, and the ships over Eridani were shot down, luckily, all landers were dispatched in time down to Eridani.

2164 - First interstellar war, between an alliance of Indus and Humans, and the Eridanus.

2170 - End of the first interstellar war. The Eridanus shortly after join the alliance.

2175 - Begin of construction of the "TSS Prometheus" and "TSS Zeus", both Zeus class war-cruisers.
They were armed with 120MT nuclear missiles, rail-gun turrets, kinetic missiles, countless point defense laser cannons, experimental force shields and 8 squadrons of fighter/bomber drones.

2180 - The Alliance builds with joint resources and knowledge, an orbital defense grid around Earth, Eridani and Indi.
With each satellite having several nuclear missiles, rail-gun batteries and a central Ion Cannon to breach force-shields.

2192 - Asia breaks off the UE, the world is no longer under a single government, but under two governments. Reason is unknown.
...and it is still unknown :P

2195 - World war 3 starts, between Asia and the UE.
Luckily, no nukes were used in this war...

2199 - WW3 ends, with 3 billion people dead, and Asia "bombed off the globe"
"You donĀ“t mess with the Alliance". Its as simple as that. Asia started a war, and an orbital anti-ground weapon vaporized every military equipment Asia had.

2220 - Reconstruction after WW3 finished.

2260 - Mars population reaches 1 billion People. Ardite vein found under the surface of Mars.
Mining operations were immediately started.

2269 - Crystal technology invented.
This would replace all "conventional" electronics, it is lighter, faster, cheaper, and naturally resistant to EMPs.

2271 - Mars declares independence of Earth.
This decision was received unusually well, no aggressive reaction on side of the UE or the Alliance.

2274 - Begin of construction of the "Mars ring".
A huge ring, 400km above mars, going once around the equator of Mars. It houses space docks, orbital construction centers, defense guns, shuttle docks for Mars/Space and back transports.

2290 - Mars ring finished.
This was the biggest construction ever made by mankind. The diameter of the ring surpassed that of Mars by 1000 kilometers.

2292 - First Artificial gravity generator.
This device creates a directed "flow" of gravity, and so would allow for ships without rotating sections.

2300 - Atmospheric research project started in the high atmosphere of Jupiter.
It consisted of a station that was held up flying by artificial gravity, and had a force-field to protect against the atmosphere.

2302 - Jupiter station finished.

2310 - Contact with a new alien civilization.
These communicate via a sort of telepathy, they have an internal organ that acts much like a radio, emitting and receiving radio waves. They do have ears too 8|

2322 - Mission to alpha centauri.
Some people found it ironic that the first interstellar mission one and a half century ago wasn't going to alpha centauri.

2328 - Arrival at Alpha Centauri. Encounter with a hostile alien race, only known as the "Nemesis" to the other Alien races.
These are incredibly aggressive, they shoot whatever doesn't belong to them. The exploration ship turned around immediately.

2338 - Return on the Alpha Centauri expedition.
With a half fallen apart ship.

6th millenium.

5010 - Peace is once again restored after a thousand years of war.
(More to this once I made up the storyline fragments during the other 2 and a half thousand years 8|)
Will continue later.

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Posted 19 September 2009 - 23:31

Oooo. I am a sucker for some decent lore, it is nice to see somthing such as this. In fact it is brilliant, I suggest that if you have the time that you should expand on the dates you have already mentioned (if possible, might not be for some).

Will be looking forward to some more!
You almost did, didn't you?

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Posted 20 September 2009 - 00:18

Well, I got 3596 years to cover, there is definately some stuff going to come together :P

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