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Return to Church Development paused until...

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Elitic's Photo Elitic 11 Jun 2010

Today I'm pausing development of Return to Church mod, But I'll continue modding after summer. Main reason: I don't have time during summer to develop, sorry about that. (However I might do thing or two during summer: mapping, new idea thinking, testing & balancing stuff.)
After summer I'll resume development of Return to Church. And I hope I'll be able to release RTC during autumn.
Reasons why not released summer:
* Mod is not bug free and unbalanced.
* Mod would have cut features. (like 1 class per team cut, etc...)
* No fast bugfixes could be released during summer.
* Mod is not popular enough!

New features in mod will be added:
Regular & Silver Holy Bullets.
Advanced melee combat system, realistic hitting (You hit where weapon should really hit, minimum of 4 attack types per weapon). (like in PVKII;AOC). (This feature was almost done. 75% done.)

Thanks everyone for helping and being with RTC.
Good luck and see you in autumn!

(I'll be community. Feel free to post any ideas and suggestions.)

Thanks to MagnumPi the First Aid Kit was textured.
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Destiny's Photo Destiny 11 Jun 2010

Your decision isn't that wrong actually, reality does take precedence over modding. In summer, do try to think up of things for RTC when you have any spare bit of time :D
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