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Tiberian Apocalypse July Update - Nod Defenses

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#1 Sgt. Rho

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Posted 13 July 2010 - 23:40

Hello guys :)

Let's start right away, with Nod's most basic Defense: The Laser Turret.

Cost: 1000$, Build Time: 10 seconds, Energy drain: 8

Posted Image

The Laser turret is Nod's basic defense, employed to destroy both Infantry and Vehicles, unable to engage Aircraft however. While inactive, the weapon is safely stored underground, and only pops up to attack. While stored, it is also Stealthed. Can be upgraded with plasma pulse cannons for greatly increased firepower, the range however remains unaffected.

>Plasma cannons. Cost: 2500$, Research time: 90 seconds. (at the tech lab)

Next in line would be the SAM site, Nod's anti air defense.

Cost: 1200$, Build Time: 12 seconds, Energy drain: 10

Posted Image

An upgraded version of the SAM site of the 2nd Tiberian War, launches short range heat-seeker missiles with a limited artificial intelligence on board for greater efficiency. It is mounted on the same base as the laser turret, due to the size, it cannot hide underground, but Stealthes while inactive nonetheless.
Upgradeable with Medium range missiles for increased firing range.

>Medium Range SA Missiles. Cost: 500§, Research time: 8 seconds. (Individual on every SAM)

And here goes Nod's most heavy defense: The Obelisk of light.

Cost: 2000$, Build Time: 20 seconds, Energy drain: 20

Posted Image

Almost a Tradition in Nod defense technology, the Obelisk of Light is in service since the First Tiberian War, back in the middle 1990s. The Obelisk uses a set of energy fields and high power capacitors, as well as a massive lazing crystal to create a immensely powerful laser beam, which instantly vaporizes most ground targets, only GDI's most heavy units, like the Mammoth tank can survive a direct hit of this monster of a scorpion tail made stone. Due to the relatively low rate of fire, turbo-capacitors can be installed to increase the rate of fire.

>Turbo-Capacitors. Cost: 1500$, Research time: 20 seconds. (Individual on every Obelisk)

And last but most definitely not last: The stealth generator.

Cost: 2200$, Build Time: 25 seconds, Energy drain: 30

Posted Image

GDI fears it, Nod loves it: The Stealth generator allows Nod to cloak entire bases from the ever-present eyes of the GDI, not even the Philadelphia can break its cloak without focusing all sensors on the base. But without knowing Where it is, it would not be of much use either. The generator emits a massive Lazarus energy field, both GDI and Nod high power sensor arrays can penetrate this shield.


Here is a screen-shot that depict all of the Defenses:

Posted Image

(right: Stealth generator; middle: Obelisk of light; front and back: SAM site; right: Laser turrets)

That would be it for Today, but be assured there will be more soon™.

#2 Dutchygamer

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Posted 14 July 2010 - 09:34

Looking good mate. Keep up the good work!
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#3 Stygs


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Posted 14 July 2010 - 15:10

Well, I think they are a bit to shiny and the textures need a hihger contrast, but other than that, its really nice work 8|

(und endlich mal ne ordentliche SAM-Stellung, das Ding ist TW ist ja mal scheiße :))
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Outdated signature is outdated...

#4 Mbob61

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 13:27

Theres some really great stuff here :P
I love the basic laser turret :D

Thanks to Pav3d for the awesome sigs
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#5 Raven

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Posted 16 July 2010 - 05:55

Laser turret looks like it can kick some a$$. Since its a tier 1 turret i have a feeling it might not be as powerful as it looks.

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