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The end of net neutrality?

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#1 RaiDK

    I have an Energon Axe. Your argument is invalid.

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Posted 05 August 2010 - 11:57

This just caught my eye now: Google and Verizon sign net neutrality agreement

If this is true then wow, it's finally happened. Ironic that the first move would come from Google, who would be the last people you'd expect to pull a move like this.

Not good, folks.

View PostMasonicon, on 17 Oct 2009, 13:44, said:

According to Conspiracy theories in internet, sci-fi and fantasy are real!

#2 Brad


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Posted 05 August 2010 - 17:04


Update: Phew... we think. Google's Public Policy Twitter account just belted out a denial of these claims, straight-up saying that the New York Times "is wrong." Here's the full tweet, which certainly makes us feel a bit more at ease. For now. "@NYTimes is wrong. We've not had any convos with VZN about paying for carriage of our traffic. We remain committed to an open internet."

Metaphorical wipe-sweat-off-the-brow.
You almost did, didn't you?

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