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Posted 28 August 2010 - 20:37

Shock Therapy welcomes new ideas, but to keep everything nice and clean, please stick to these guidelines.

- Post one idea in a thread (so no large lists). Also stick to that topic when discussing it.

- Give the thread a fitting name so we can easily find it.

- Make sure the idea/suggestion fits the mod.

- If you want to post an idea, make sure no-one else posted it already. If you think someone already posted something similar to your idea, you might want to post it in that existing thread.

- Please give a good reason if you agree/disagree with the posted idea. "I agree", "Signed" or "LOLWTF?" posts aren't helpful to anyone, especially the team.

- Keep in mind that the game's engine and the ModSDK have their limits. Some things just can't be coded.

In addition to the guidelines above, Shock Therapy also has a set of "rules" when it comes to ideas. This has to do with certain decisions made by the team, that will not change.

- No nuclear weapons in Shock Therapy.
This has to do with the lore. We've decided to stick with RA3's story, which does not include nukes.

- No Weather Control Devices.
As Einstein invented the WCD, it isn't present in RA3. The fact that Chronosphere and Mirage technology exist has nothing to do with this, the team agreed on this.

- No Yuri.
Our goal isn't to reproduce Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. Yes, some things might pay homage to the previous Red Alert titles (such as the inclusion of the Tesla Tank and Chrono Tank in multiplayer).

- No new Super Abilities.
We already decided on the three Super Abilities for each faction.
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