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Fable III?

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#1 Genrail


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Posted 09 November 2010 - 01:55

Any one play Fable3? How did you like it?
This place still exists?

#2 Magma


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Posted 09 November 2010 - 09:10

I've played it, and it is true that once again Peter M. got ovehyped for this game which isn't an new thing. Nevertheless i enjoyed it although it feels like much shorter than Fable II or i just had really good time playing it.
Morphing weapons are really fun gameplay mechanic in Fable III, so good that i really wanted to get new level fastest as i can just to see what kind of weapon i get on next level, i'm not sure how much those weapons differ on next game if you change yourgameplay alittle, i only played it one playthrough yet as a good as possible and it took me about 20h to do so (not really sure, never looked at time when i played it :xD: )

What really buggers me, that they really stripped down from Fable II lots of good things; Like every citizens name is *name* the Citizen or *name* the guard and such, i find Fable II names much better somehow. Nad for food like pies and crunchy chickens, you cant eat at you will, you need to get to combat and take some damage so that those foods can heal you [!!!!!!] What's the use that you can't eat when you want to? Do you go to the town and start a fight and middle of it you tell your opponent that i need to eat so i can fight longer.... seriously.

and for the interacting with people, that is really awful on Fable III imo; you go to citizen you wanna interact with and then you push A (on Xbox) and then you only stand still with him/her face to face looking dumb and watch what options you got hovering top of that citizens head, if you dont see an option you wanna use, you have to wait till it appears on it. It is good not to see every second an citizen you come across to wanna marry you, but it buggers me to not to be able to like dance to a crowd or show your middle finger to a more than a 1 people at the time, or if that mechanic is in the game, i didnt find it yet.
And i really dont like to talk about that HOLD HANDs thing..... really useless, never used it except when missions demanded it.

Graphics are really awesome even for an XBOX game, but it comes with cost; My game now and then got small freezes and hang ups when outside ingame (mostly on mountain level) even tho i installed it on hard drive: But for me atleast it wasn't major problem, i have patience of small problems like those so i dont mind those unless they appear every minute. People in Albion are much better looking compared to Fable to citizen, which is always a plus. And your character aint bad looking either, and clothes what you come across and buy are good looking too and funny too. (chicken suit anyone?)

Humor in Fable III is the usual black British humor which is in all Fable games, but i think they had it less on Fable III than Fable II, there are good bits and couple bad bits here and there but you don't have any sense of humor if you don't smile or laugh things what people say or do in Albion.

You can customize your character appearance by tattoos, makeup, facial hair, hairs and by clothes and their color alot and smoothly thanks to that Sanctuary which is a huge plus compared to an old menu from Fable II, you never stop playing your game so it doesn't get annoying to find things you need at that point, there are no loading times on Sanctuary too or when you come or leave it where ever you are; that thing needs to be added to more games |8

For combat i want to say that is really satisfying, you will face 20 hollow mans at the same time and when you killed em, another 20 pops up and says *roar little man, roar* combat mechanic is pretty much the same as Fable II but slighty more smoothly, i almost never used any spells cos i want to get to head to head on my enemies. Spells are little overpowered cos you can spam area of effect spells at almost no waiting time which is rather boring to me.
Now and then you will see you character do fatalities ( no, not Mortal Combat ones) on your enemies which are awesome looking ones; like with your hammer you smack your enemies kneecap with its handle and then when he/it's bented over, you smack it with your hammer an uppercut, or with higher levels you just hit he/it so hard it flys over 20 meters by the sheer force. (and yes, i only used an hammer on my playthrough :xD: )
Firearms have their fatalities also, but those activating are much rarer cos almost noone uses firearms at close range, except when pistol has an shotgunlike firing mechanic and scattershot.... which was nice :P

You can still buy almost every house on Albion, but you need loads of money to do so, which i didn't have yet, maybe next time i'll buy every thing i come across to... and let them rot.

That concludes my small review on Fable III and it leaves me an feeling that with it's bad sides, it has much broader bright side on it and that makes me glad, cos waited it from the start when i heard it was coming.

Evil things:
-Interacting with people is a mess and boring
-Small freezes
-Too much stripped down on gamemechanics
-Too short (for my taste atleast)

Good things:
-Combat is awesome
-No more sluggish menu searching
-Beautiful surroundings
-Good humor when it's present
-Your character has his/her voice atlast


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