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Some Minor Suggestions - Part 2

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#1 ni.va


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Posted 13 November 2010 - 08:20


Due to what Com-link said I made this topic to continue my minor suggestions section:

5. Allied Athena & Cryo Blasts affect any air unit that come through the beam.

6. Allied Mirage Tanks can charge The Spectrum Towers.

7. Capturing more Repair & Heal Tech buildings (like 2 Hospitals) will double the healing ratio.

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#2 vader333


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Posted 14 November 2010 - 09:31

On point 5: These, although sensible, will prove to be redundant extras. Try the retarded Red Cocaine Mod; they have the athena laser able to hit air units. It's not very useful, and is actually a nuisance as the enemy air craft are very fast, and the laser has friendly fire.

On point 6: Again, sensible, but as a Soviet player (I surmise you are pro-allied, as all your suggestions pertain to them only), I really wouldn't like to see this Soviet feature ported to every faction. If not, why not let Wave Force artillery charge the Wave force tower?

On Point 7: Sensible, yes, but can lead to OP situations if there isn't a limit. I support this, provided there will be limits (first tech heals 10, second tech heals additional 5 only, third heals additional 2, fourth is null) if it isn't already in Vanilla.

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#3 ni.va


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Posted 20 November 2010 - 07:33

Thanks for responding.
I didn't say specially 5 & 6 to make use of it in strategies. I think it is just not make sense if they are not in the game.

On point 5: Well.. not all aircarfts are fast. ( the best example are Kiroves & Gigas & even all choppers). & I didnt say they can target air units (I know u can force fire to ground to attack air units...). & also they can be effective. when a Vindicator comes through the Cryo beam it freezes & crashes right away... anyway my point was every beam comes from sky should affect anything on its way due to the fact that it is a BEAM. & in my idea the same goes for Waveforce beam.

On point 6: I meant the preattack autocharge other Spectrum Towers give to eachother. if a Spectrum tower can (due to tech facts) why not the mirage tank cant? also a mirage tank could use that charge to attack enemies. (& for wave force units it seems ridiculous)

On point 7: I suggested this to bring out more fights on tech buildings. It could Alter gameplay...

PS. Im not an advanced gamer (I actually did not play even against medium in skirmish !! :P ) & I often prefer empire due to the dojo rush that I can easily capture easy ( :P ) enemies so I can have all three fractions in my hands!!

#4 vader333


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Posted 20 November 2010 - 12:33

On point 5: Hmm. But this would imbalance the game, unless you let V4 rockets and Wave Force artillery hit Giga and Kirovs as well, which is unrealistic, however you think about it. It would also make Anti-air less necessary to repel Giga and Kirov (the only two slow moving air units).

On Point 6: I don't see how the Pre-Attack Charge and the Tesla Charge are any different. And, as I said, while it is fully common sensible that mirages should function like spectrum towers, balance wise and faction differentiation wise, it is not a appealing idea. And balance and faction uniqueness, which constitutes gameplay, is more important than lore, IMO.

On Point 7: I am in full support, provided there are limits.

Hope you get better at Red Alert 3, and perhaps you and I could play together ^^. I'm in Singapore. Hopefully not too far from your place?
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