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CNC Fallout is now on Fallout Studios

Henford's Photo Henford 15 Dec 2010

Hi all,

I am proud to announce that CNC Fallout has arrived here on Fallout Studios.

A total conversion mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars, CNC Fallout takes place in a present day alternate history where the cold war never ended, leading to in escalation in hostilities; and eventually, World War III.

Featuring 3 diverse factions, 66 new units, quick paced gameplay and a plethora of devastating superweapons and support powers, CNC Fallout is due for a Public Beta release in early 2011.

Happy to be here!


Admiral FCS's Photo Admiral FCS 15 Dec 2010

This. Is. Awesome. Totally.

Been watching the mod for quite some time (since the beginning of the year or longer IIRC), and I think you guys are extremely good at making it feel an authentic real game. I may reinstall my C&C3 just for this ( and Renovatio of course :xD: )

Awesome job and good luck guys, looking forward to the release.

Zeke's Photo Zeke 15 Dec 2010


CnC Fallout at Fallout Studios :xD:

Shirou's Photo Shirou 15 Dec 2010

It almost feels like coming home doesn't it xD

Mbob61's Photo Mbob61 16 Dec 2010

Welcome dude :xD:


Whitey's Photo Whitey 12 May 2011

I read the mod description and I facepalmed and expected a heap of failure.

Then I took a look inside and... wow! Very pleasantly surprised! This looks like a killer mod. Kudos and good luck with the rest of it. |8

Raven's Photo Raven 27 Feb 2012

Played the release yesterday. One of the best mods I've played. This would keep me going till gens 2 I suppose. Well done!!!!

Bakelitu's Photo Bakelitu 21 Dec 2020

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