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Mod Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Posted 20 December 2010 - 15:16

Installation Questions:
-Q: I get "could not create (insert file name here) file path cannot be found." error on winrar while extracting the mod... help!
A:You likely lack the folder permissions to write to the folder you want. so do it with admin privileges if you can.

General Questions:

- Q: What is PoK?
A: Purgation of Kaurava, a modification for "Dawn of War: Soulstorm" that aims to bring the game closer to codex, adding most if not all the units available in the TT game, the mod also changes drastically the gameplay making it work almost like a RTS version of the TT WH40k game.

- Q: What is the latest public version?
A: None Yet

- Q: Can we have a new version?
A: No, new releases will be given out when the powers that be decide to do so. Asking ever so often won't make it come any faster. It will only **** off the mods.

- Q: Could you buff/nerf/change the stats/change the price of that particular unit?
No. Every stat and every price in PoK is taken straight from the wh40k codices.

Gameplay Questions:

- Q: Why i can't reinforce or upgrade my squads? arrghh!!
A: PoK has reshaped reinforcing system, your squad or vehicle squadron must be near the production building from where it came out or near a Listening Post, same for upgrading.

- Q: Oh noes! My squads randomly stops reinforcing!
A: You can only reinforce around LPs, barracks and transports. You can make weapons upgrades only around LPs and barracks.

- Q: How do I make my unit/vehicle cap go up?
A: By building Listening Posts on Strategic Points.

- Q: When I play the squad cap wont go higher than 6 and the v cap wont go higher than 3 even after I build loads of listening posts. Does anyone know why this is happening?
A: PoK uses the same squad limits than a WH40k TT standard game, 2 HQ, 6 Troops, 3 Elites, 3 Fast Attack, 3 Heavy Support. Of course this might change a bit depending on the race, for reasons such as various squads counting as one single choice in TT or squads that can be break down in various components.

- Q: Why don't upgrades on commanders and vehicles "upgrade menu" show their requirements?
A: Relic got it hard coded this way for unknown reasons, we already tried to fix this but no luck :xD:.

- Q: Why do my units deal little to no damage to building by default?
A: Most units can't deal damage to buildings by default unless they are upgraded with weapons that can.

Weapons such as lascannons and missile launchers will deal damage to most if not all buildings. powerfists, thunder hammers, rail guns, fusion guns, melta guns, and high strength weapons like that will. a general rule to follow for inexperienced players, is that the later tier weapons for infantry will likely have some effect on damaging structures, and most tanks will be able to from the get go, except transports. (monoliths can damage everything up close)

- Q: Dear god, why is the camera zoomed out so far?
A: zoom in (duh) :lol:

- Q: How can i restore DOW original camera?
A: You need to delete "camera_ed.lua", "camera_high" and "camera_low" from the ".../Dow40k_XP/Data" folder (making a back up of these files might not be a bad idea). However is recommended that you try to get used to the PoK camera since you will need the extra zoom out when playing the mod, also this camera can zoom much more closer than DOW's original camera.

Race Questions:

- Q: Will you add "X" race?
A: possibly. each race adds around 200-300mb of data to the mod and a bigger mod takes longer to download, start up etc.
If we can, things like Dark Angels and space wolves will be made a sub branch of sorts.

You can further speed this along if you get stuck in and learn to code or model new bits for us 8|

- Q: How is the Inquisition faction going to be done?
A: Once we move to Soulstorm, there will be an Inquisition "mega-faction", that will have common units between SoB and DH (stormtroopers, inquisitors) and a doctrine system (like Imperial Guard currently has) to unlock SoB or DH specific units.

- Q: Chaos Deamons?
A: Probably they will be made a race, but very far in the future OR stay as part of the already existing Chaos Faction. The daemons already present in the mod uses the rules from the Chaos Daemons Codex.

- Q: Tyranids?
A: Most probably they will be added, but very far in the future.

- Q: Will you add blood angels/space wolves/another sub faction?
A: Only in the case somebody not in the team decides to do it by themselves. The team is busy as it is.

- Q: But why were the black templars were added?
A: Because Melooo did them by himself.

Hero Questions:

- Q: Can you add Abbadon/Marneus Calgar/another special character?
A: No. PoK won't include any special characters (with the exception of the Nightbringer, the Deceiver and Living Saint).

- Q: Chapter Master and Daemon Prince have the requirements set but i cannot build them.... why?
A: They are heroes of untold battles. We didn't like the fact that they would be seen in a low grade battle, so we made them require a certain amount of strategic points, and a relic to build. most cases you will need at least 4 strategic points captured. More so, when the hero dies, you wont be able to build him again for a duration. They are important people after all, so take care of them.

Model Questions:

- Q: Will daemons from every chaos faction be in?
A: Eventually yes.

- Q: Will that particular unit be in?
A: If it's codex, eventually yes.

- Q: Has there been any progress on this or that unit lately?
A: If there were we would have posted about it. so no.
Check the models Sub forum for the latest news.

- Q: Will we have bikes for Space Marines, CSM, etc.?
A: No, they won't be in. Land speeders cover the same role (and cover it better), and their melee would look silly (since the engine doesn't allow to melee on the move).
Some Heroes will be able to get them only, as they don't look so bad. Don't count on it though :D

- Q: How can i change the scale of the models back to Original DOW scales?
A: look here: http://forums.relicn...ad.php?t=144435

- Q: OMG. Instead of tooltips I have $123461325 NO RANGE. What do I do?
A: Copy the entire locale/english folder into the locale/yourlanguage folder.

We also recommend you to watch this video: FoK unofficial tutorial video which works for PoK as well

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