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Shock Therapy Skirmish AI

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#1 TheWorms


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Posted 28 February 2011 - 13:27

I should've posted a topic about this sooner, but I only got the time to do so.

For those who've already played the mod, I'm sure you are aware of the first hand AI scripting.
The results were, of course, not appealing. I only made the AI work with using the new units, no new strategies as of yet.

With that, I created this thread to get started with the AI tweaking, get some ideas from you guys, and maybe get someone new in the team to deal with AI scripting.

First, here are the list of AI commanders, and my original idea for their scripting.

-Direct Assault (Warren):
> mainline Allied arsenal - focus on guardians, pacifiers and futureTanks
- builds Destroyers if possible
-Squadron Leader (Giles):
> Allied air superiority - land armor limited to tier 1
- more on aircraft (includes the harbinger)
- aircraft carriers when using navy
-Special Forces (Lisette):
> Futuretech equipment - anything futuretech related units, includes the cryo-units
- artillery: athena, then mirage and chrono tanks

-Heavy Armor (Oleg):
> Soviet steamroller - hammers, then grinders, and apocalypse combination
- at least 2 kirovs are built in a game, rarely twinblades
- akula sea armada
-Shock Specialist (Moskvin):
> Soviet science - terror drones, sickles, more on tesla tanks with reaper assists
- tesla troopers and desolators
- at least 1 kirov per game, rarely twinblades
- will never build akula subs
-Air Marshal (Zhana);
> Soviet air and walker ground - mortar bikes, sickles, then reapers
- can do kirov runs in succession, twinblade armada
- v4 and dreadnought user

-Ambush Division (Shinzo):
> Empire guerilla, hit & run - tsunami tanks, artillery user, archer maiden and tank buster divisions
- might build king oni's from time to time
-Mecha Warfare (Kenji):
> Empire mech steamroller - steel ronins, king oni's, and few GKO's
- will at least build 1 giga fortress
-Fleet Command (Naomi):
> Naval warfare - land army limited to steel ronins as highest tech unit
- fleet structure is the same as in vanilla
- will build 2 giga fortresses

Then I have another batch of commanders that will fill the roles of using most uprising related units:

If implemented, the first 3 commanders of each faction will serve as the balanced faction AI scheme
> They will use most vanilla builds more frequently, and might drop in uprising units in some occasion

Allied Shock & Awe (Hill): will use direct assault scheme
Soviet Guerrilla Warfare (Vera): sickle and reaper combination (instead of hammer tanks), at least 1 apocalypse, then grinders
Empire Imperial Guard (Takara): uprising units and the GKO (same build ratio as with Kenji)

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#2 Pedro


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Posted 27 April 2011 - 12:36

There's a bug that Warren (aka Direct Assault) doesn't build Future Tanks at all.Tested in either Original & Custom maps.He built ACVs first,then Guardians,then Mirages with FAVs Spamming all around.

This causes scarcity when competing with Moskvin or Oleg as all three are specialized in ground units/vehicles.

Edited by Pedro, 27 April 2011 - 13:06.

#3 Pedro


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Posted 13 May 2011 - 10:44

How's the work ?
I've found another issue:Allied commanders don't build Athena Cannons at all.Maybe you could find solution in Skirmish AI.xml from V1.12(EA fixed AI not building Athena Cannon that had existed in earlier version).

Edited by Pedro, 13 May 2011 - 10:45.

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