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New Construction Options!

Henford's Photo Henford 27 Mar 2011

The NATO Construction Osprey (CO) provides NATO dynamic base expansion, allowing them to quickly set up outposts far from the main base such as at distant ore fields or strategic locations.

What the CO has in speed and mobility, it lacks in armor - it can be very easily taken out by anti-air units or defenses. Unlike the Soviet and Australian MCVs, the Construction Crane cannot be repacked and moved once deployed.

The Australian MCV is unarmed, well armored and faster than it's Soviet counterpart.

Ion Cannon!'s Photo Ion Cannon! 05 Apr 2011

Really like what I've seen so far, looks really polished, great work.

Wastelander's Photo Wastelander 08 Apr 2011

Looks great, very proffesionaly done animation.
Hope we will hear soon more from you:)