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Melooo's Photo Melooo 05 Apr 2011

DOWNLOAD Purgation of Kaurava Alpha 1

This is what i have so far, its kinda an alpha state, still has lots of 2D art stuff saying FoK, anyway if anyone interested here it is.

Download part01 to 11

Have fun!, im including the luas in case anyone wants them.

Installation Step by Step

1- Once you downloaded the eleven rar files, make sure they are all in a same folder
2- Open up any of the .rar files either with winrar or 7zip, there should be a folder with "Purgation_Kaurava" name, drag with the mouse this folder to your Soulstorm main directory. egg "C:/Program Files (86x)/THQ/Dawn of War - Soulstorm/"
This will extract and merge the content of all eleven parts.
3- Once the extraction is done, open the "Purgation_Kaurava" folder and look for the .module file
4- Move/Cut&Paste the module file into your Soulstorm main folder
5- Run Soulstorm, look for "Purgation of Kaurava" in the mod manager and activate it.
6- Play and Enjoy D8

If the above step by step didnt worked for you, try this:
Explicit Graphical Guide for correct Installation
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Melooo's Photo Melooo 13 Jun 2011

Patch 1.5 in test version

Not fully finished for releasing it to the masses as i still need to root out some bugs

but well here is the link if anyone wants to help with testing

Please report any found bug in the bug report section

Melooo's Photo Melooo 07 Jul 2011


Since my ISP sucks balls with a 16KBps (Kilo Bytes per second) upstream and with often connexion failures, is almost impossible for me to upload a 800MB file, so Im being forced to resort to more reliable but less popular (known) filesharing methods xD which is Torrent!

PoK 1.5 Torrent Link
PoK 1.5 Megaupload Link

Yeah i'll be seeding this 24/7 for a while....however the transfer speed will be 16KBps until more people start seeding as well.

Oh BTW this is no patch like the previous download , this its the full thing hence the 800MB, it also comes with an installer and it automatically removes everything in the "Purgation_Kaurava" mod folder before installing.

A bunch of bugs have been fixed and has some minor changes on generic stuff, like grenades dmg lowered to half but faster reload time, skimmers move faster, flat out ability is timed instead of toggled and some price adjustments on some units here and there.

BTW Wiz i know ya been busy but im still waiting for that SVN tester account :xD:
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Melooo's Photo Melooo 26 Nov 2011

New Download

PoK 1.53 at ModDB http://www.moddb.com...urava-alpha-153

Soul's Photo Soul 17 Jan 2012

Shame I don't have Soulstorm or I would download this. Looks awesome from the screens.

Melooo's Photo Melooo 19 Apr 2012

Here is a lil update for testing purposes.


- GK AI CTD fix
- More AI tweaks, that arent too obvious and can't remember exactly what xD
- Krak Grenade and Melta Bombs Minimum Damage reduced to half
- GK purifiers holocaust psy power tweaked a bit (havent nerfed psy powers yet)
- Chaos Lords pricing tweaks
- Black Templar Marshall HP value corrected
- Tomb Spyder Scarabs max limit reduced to 15 from 30
- Chaos Daemonettes squad caps fixed
- Space Marines landspeeders and Eldar Vypers can't jump till T2
- Vypers cost changed to 225req/45pwr from 250req/50pwr
- Wave Serpent cost changed to 550req/110pwr from 500req/100pwr
- Many tweaks to Psy Powers, many had min damage 50% of the max damage, which made them really powerful nukelike, i changed these to have 10% instead of 50%...lets see how that goes.
- Included the Icons fixes for Slaanesh and Nurgle Chosen

Link: http://www.mediafire...dckoispifxct4r0

Before unpacking, make backups of AI, Atrrib, and Scar folders just in case.