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Su8perkillr's Photo Su8perkillr 20 Jun 2011

Sorry for posting in wrong section... But I am just wondering, is this mod dead? Has its last hour struck? I would hate to see that... Crazy mod is a funny mod, it shouldnt die... Jordan, if you're there, please come back... I know several people who would like to see the ├╝berlord in action...

Stalker's Photo Stalker 21 Jun 2011

Wrong title. :xD:

And yes, it has been really quiet around here...

Wizard's Photo Wizard 21 Jun 2011

As Jordan hasn't been at FS this year, I think you're pretty safe to assume that this mod is over.

Su8perkillr's Photo Su8perkillr 21 Jun 2011

I wouldnt like to hear that... One of those mods which are not great, or balanced, or will be mass-played, but it would certainly have been a nice addition to all the (sometimes too) serious mods around...

Annihilationzh's Photo Annihilationzh 24 Jun 2011

The uberlord was a modified version of a free model known as the Ultralord. So you could add the ultralord to any mod you want.

With Jordan's constant disappearances since the mod was founded, it was somewhat obvious that one day he wasn't going to return. I was just hoping that he'd release his progress before he did.
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Su8perkillr's Photo Su8perkillr 24 Jun 2011

Same to me... Sadly.