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Kane's Wrath Minimod released

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Posted 28 November 2011 - 21:33

This small mod for Kane's Wrath features some new changes prior to this limited release. This mod is a preview to the new beta version of KW Reloaded 2 (mentioned in Moddb)

The following changes are as follows for this KW Minimod:
- All engineers for all factions have no more time delay on capturing all types of structures as well as capturing husks and repair structures and bridges.
- All faction refineries' costs and power resurrect back to KW v1.00 changes.
- All faction harvesters' costs resurrect back to KW v1.00 changes.
- All walls are now currently buildable for all factions and can extend with wall segments.
- Added Trio Alliance, GDI Trio, NOD Trio and Scrin Trio custom factions (all have no skirmish AI).
- Added shroud for all skirmish maps (except missions).
- There are 17 custom multiplayer colors to choose from.
- You can place up to ten beacons per player in a skirmish or MP game.

Download: http://www.gamefront...5/KWMinimod.rar

It is required that you need Bibber's KW Mod Launcher in order to run the mod correctly.

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