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Need new unit artists

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Posted 17 February 2012 - 20:52

I am currently hiring new artists who may be interested to create the following Scrin units (and put them in-game) that are not seen in add-on mods lately. I cannot draw new models because I do not have the experience to create them. Since EA is not going to release their Scrin unreleased content from C&C4, I am going to depend on new material by making them and put them in-game. Sure the Scrin definitely needs more new units to be more re-defined for this mod. Please give me a PM when possible. For those who are hired, you shall be rewarded in the future. Here are the following Scrin units I wanted to have in the KW Reloaded mod (for C&C3 and KW):

Posted Image
This unit is most likely a psyonic unit (as a hero unit) that can destroy units around it using its similar rage generator ability. Like the Prodigy unit, it may also have those abilities as well.

Posted Image
This unit is typically a vehicle that swivels. Weapon might be ion bursts like the size and shape of a hula hoop.

Posted Image
This unit is most likely another psyonic unit where it can be built as a squad like the Cultists. They can also can do melee attacks to infantry quickly.

Posted Image
This unit is similar to another unit model that Carnius created in Tiberium Essence, notably he called it as the Stalwart. I might call it the Stalker, but will be a stealth unit which could also detect stealth units. Weapon of choice can be either a melee attack effective against infantry and structure or a laser beam attack effective against anything.

Posted Image
Screenshot seen in the cancelled Tiberium FPS, this infantry unit can fire beam attacks. I still have no clue what else this unit could do. (screenshot courtesy from GameSpot)

Posted Image
Also a screenshot seen in the cancelled Tiberium FPS, this vehicle unit is currently not knowingly to be determined. I may more info on this. (screenshot courtesy from GameSpot)

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