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A longshot...

Heisenberg's Photo Heisenberg 11 Jun 2012

This is a massive longshot, but back in the day during my MG scripter days (like 5-6 years ago) there were 2 maps I made with the help of fellow MG members which were called (iirc) 'The Gateway', a 1v1 autumn themed map and 'operation Re-fuel', a mission where you had to defend a plane on an airstrip from waves of GLA attacks. I've only just started to play this game again after finding out that a few of my colleagues at work have this game and regularly play it and the fact that I'm now in possession of a fast windows based laptop and they wanna play those 2 maps. I lost all my generals data on a really old desktop years ago BUT I did upload them onto here once upon a time and I can't find them anywhere lol. Those maps were created when 0.951 was just released iirc and IF anyone has them buried in their computers somewhere, this is a humble request to upload them again, it would be really appreciated...
Thank you for taking the time to read this

Wizard's Photo Wizard 12 Jun 2012

Lucky you have a helpful admin around to search through our "deleted" content for you 8|

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Raven's Photo Raven 12 Jun 2012

This looks interesting....are they shockwave maps and can be played with the latest version?

Heisenberg's Photo Heisenberg 12 Jun 2012

*An absolutely awesome admin! :loel: Thank you!!!
Both are shockwave maps and The gateway will be compatible with the latest version. The mission map might not be, I released it as a sort of beta version but never really did perfect it. The gateway was touched up and textured by Admiral and the refuelling mission was done up amazingly by Teukka, but once again thanks ever so much!

Amdrial's Photo Amdrial 30 Jun 2012

Small detail to add: The maps won't work with the AI from the new generals (I.E. Armor General, Special Weapons General and Salvage General)