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Gen X September Update

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Posted 04 September 2012 - 10:13

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Yaay! New update.

First some renders, starting with a even newer Laser Paladin

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Oh hey it's that thing!

We've always liked the alpha mammoth tank design, it's a shame no one ever did it any justice, until now! :P

It is armed with laser guided cannons that can be upgraded to plasma cannons later on. And of course it has it's trademark PDLs.

Next we have the Juggernaut. BITCH!

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The Juggernaut is vUSA's new tier 3 unit (the Mammoth tank will be exclusive to Townes and will start with laz0rz).

Most of the tank is covered in a special nano armor called ÜBA (short for Un-Breakable Armor) developed by a Cynopolis corp. lab in Germany. Once the armor is powered (or ÜBA-Charged as the boys in the lab call it) it can "heal" itself fairly quickly allowing the tank to absorb a shit ton of damage. The armor however requires a lot of power to function hence the huge size of the vehicle which is mostly filled up with generators.

Originally, the Juggernaut was to be fitted with railguns similar to the Phalanx Tank destroyer, however that would mean further increasing the vehicles size to add more generators. So instead the juggernaut was fitted with the latest of Ztech industries' line of "micro weapons". 2 launchers on either side of the vehicle carry special micro kinetic energy missiles. The destructive power of these missiles rival modern day CKEMs at more than half the size. And if that wasn't enough, the Juggernaut is also armed with a dual barreled mortar that fire ionized shells on top.

In it is surrounded by enemy infantry, the juggernaut has hidden rocket pods at the front that fire disrupter missiles. These missiles have a special microwave warhead that burns infantry as well as disable vehicles.

And now for something I haven't done in a while A VIDEO!

Also to those looking for the MGS forums. Here it is!

Well that's all for now, Peace off!
Unless your a hater then, PISS OFF!

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