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Generals ZH ( contra mod ) removing units

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Posted 10 October 2016 - 15:46

Hi, sorry for my bad English and if this topic already exists, but i can't find any good tutorial how to remove units and buildings from Generals Zero Hour Contra mod.

I just want to remove two tank types from China tank general, so neither I or AI can build/buy them.

I have found this on some forums, but i don't understand anything, where to load map, which script, what is he talking about?

"To Remove Superweapons (Or any unit or building) from the map load your map and open scripts. In the PlyrCivilian or neutral folder, make a new script and have these settings:
(Map->Modify->Adjust the tech tree for a specific object type)
Then Pick the name of the first unit/building and set the availability to "Buildable(No)"
Do this for each object for each general. To do it faster press copy and then hit edit on the copied action."

I need more detailed tutorial. Thanks

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