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Basic mountain tutorial

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Posted 19 November 2006 - 16:58

Hi all, this time im writing the tutorial :locky:
This tutorial explains how to manipulate terrain, lets get started shall we? :)

1. Mountains

First im gonna teach you how to make mountain and ridges.
Begin with clicking the mound tool:

Posted Image

Now i Terrain Brush Option tab will pop up, here you can configure how fast the mountain grows and how steep:

Posted Image

Put the options like this:
-Brush Width on 6
-Brush Feather on 5
-Brush height on 7

Now click and hold the Left Mouse button to make a mountain like this:

Posted Image

Looks quite nice already, but its quite steep and then textures will appear blocky so lets fix this shall we?
First click the smood tool:

Posted Image

Now another tab will pop up, configure it as followed:
-Brush Width on 10
-Filter Radius on 1
-Feather Rate on 6

Now hold you mouse a drag the mouse over you mountain untill it looks similair to this:

Posted Image

It looks a little empty doesnt it? Well next stop will be texturing. :D

2. Texturing Mountains

First make sure you followed the above tutorial
Now open the texture browser and this window will pop up:

Posted Image

Now you see quite allot of textures, but we are going to use some specific ones :D
Open the Mountain Rugged tab and click on the texture: CliffMediumType16 for a good looking cliff texture :locky:

Posted Image

Now click and hold your squared browser over the sides of your mountain, but dont drag it over the top, at the end it looks similair to this:

Posted Image

Ha good looking Ay?
Now we are going to texture the top, look into the Mountain Rugged texture browser and look for GrassMediumType17.
Now texture the top of your mountain untill it looks similair to this:


It starts to look really nice doesnt it?
Well the only thing thats isnt looks nice is the edges of the texture, but whe can fix that as followed.
Click the Auto Edge Out button and click the cliff texture:


Now it looks like this:


Damn thats a sexy mountain :locky: But it still looks a little empty, how about we place some trees at the top of the mountain?
First click the Grove tool:


Now make the same list as i did:


Click and hold you mouse and make a box on top of you mountain and release it, now it looks like this:


Congrats, you made a good looking mountain :D


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