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University Fees

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Posted 05 November 2010 - 21:40

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At the point of those jobs requiring a degree. It may be because the UK does not have vocational universities? You have those foundation degrees an higher education certificates but those only really serve to get those students into University, rather than being a closing course that gets them ready for employment.

Vocational, or 'Universities of applied sciences' work really well in that employers in this country prefer taking their freshmen off these institutions because they know how to work.

Nope, the tories got rid of all the Polytechnics. We ended up with about 30 new second rate "universities" awarding "degrees" in all these mickey mouse subjects you hear about. It's not entirely labour's fault that a UK education is rather devalued nowadays.

Polytechnics or Technical Colleges are a not going to do much. Due to cultural shifts in the UK people will not want to go to these over the traditional HE route, as they would be resigned to working as an electrician, plumber or hairdresser. The percentage of teenagers willing to believe that they are going to live their lives as one of these over being a lawyer, footballer or Paris Hilton style attention-whore is actually in the tens of people. Gone are the days when one of these trades was considered to be a good way of making a living. Political decisions will not alter that.

But vocational universities do not make someone a plumber, electrician or hairdresser. They offer basically the same idea as a university however are much more oriented towards business and work. You don't get the academic education and your expertise may be more limited, but you are better equipped to apply what you do know (hence, applied sciences).
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Posted 25 November 2010 - 17:15

I was reading some member comments on the BBC today and I also read their " UK students will go to the US to escape fees " . I must say I'm a little worried, the beeb is normally very good but they know themselves its even higher in the US, I know that for a fact because they did another article on the ridiculous fees US universitys charge. Some of the people commenting are also fucking idiots, how does £9k fees a year then equal 100k debt including living costs. If / When tuition fees go up to 9k, then thats an extra 6k a year, so 18k more for the entire degree than it is now, which is nowhere near 100k, do the math you fucking idiots. Oh dear I'm ranting...

Anyway yes. Higher fees are going to happen, no matter what the students protest, I guess thats why I'm not out protesting myself. There have also been some sixthformers / college kids protesting about the removal of EMA. I think Its good that the government is getting rid of EMA , while I used my own responsibly - IE to pay for university, everyone else I know that got it spent it on alcohol and clothes. For those not in a know EMA is a series of payments to lower income pupils to help them through education, an incentive I suppose. And thats the crux of the problem, the fact your being educated beyond secondary level SHOULD be the incentive. Just to put it into perspective the EMA payments are not that small. I got £30 a week for 38 weeks for attending classes and you also get £100 just for turning up at the beginning of the year, on top of that I got another £1000 for good grades, IE above the expected. The good grades payment makes sense, but EMA is generally a waste of money. I doubt very few people who recieve it could justify getting it, I certainly couldn't, I just stuck it in my (before the crash) 5% interest account.

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Posted 25 November 2010 - 23:50


Frankly, I could do without the EMA. £30 a week may be very useful to some people - I know a few who have a job and still use the EMA to help pay for their flat rent, but not everyone needs it. Hell, between the work and juggling a job the EMA must seem like a godsend to some.

I myself have no real need for it, it'll stay in my bank account until I likely reach Uni or incase I'm a bit short. A luxury I suppose. Many are simply angry because it was their only means of income. That's me included - though I'm not angry, just means I'll have to up the ante in finding a job.

On the fees - I know they're going to happen. The only thing I can try to do now is come up with a few ways I could save some cash for the debt <87
Of course assuming I don't make some big life choice blahblahblah
You almost did, didn't you?

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