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The Coalition Government

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Posted 22 December 2010 - 02:27

So, what are your views on how they're doing, the policys enacted ect.

Personally I would like to say " I told you so " - The torys talked about making the cuts fair, but just a few examples will show this isn't the case. First off I agree with huge cuts to welfare, I personally think if you get any sort of job seekers allowance or housing benefit that you should do a few hours of community work each week so your not just a complete drain, but thats another topic.

When it becomes painfully apparent that the cuts aren't fair is the %cuts to the various council budgets. Why is it that the poorest areas get a budget cut of 8.9% while some more affluent areas only get a cut of 1%. Maybe these cuts make sense, but they need to produce figures to that effect, saying whats going to be cut and why of those budgets, as it stands it just looks like they're cutting the areas which actually need cash and hardly making a dent in the more affluent areas.

I suppose politicians can't win though, you just have to look at Vince Cable. You either have to lie and later get bollocked for it or you tell the truth and get bollocked for it. This is regards his comments on News Corp. I just hope Jeremy hunt isn't a certain word and makes the right decision, blocking Rupert Murdoch and his greedy bias ridiculous media empire.

I'm not going to go into the topic of fees just yet.
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