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Red Alert 3: FLAK Mod

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Posted 31 July 2011 - 12:34

A small mod for Red Alert 3 that changes a few things here and there, trying to make it more fun overall. As the Name suggests, it includes a new Design for the FLAK Cannon of the Soviets, but also many other changes, such as a new Design for the Guardian Tank based on the RA2 Grizzly Tank, and Tesla Tanks for the Soviets.


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Changes so far:
- Misc:
-- Implemented a 4-Row UI to allow more than 9 Assets per commandset

- Soviets:
-- New model for the FLAK Cannon, looks more like a 80mm FLAK cannon from WW2 now.
-- Stingrays no longer Amphibious
-- Added Tesla Tanks

--Added Pillbox as Tier 0 anti-infantry defense.
--Renamed Multigunner Turret to "ADATS Turret".
--New model for the Guardian tank, same stats as the original.

--Graphical replacement of some of Japan's missiles with something more techy.

Download: FLAKMod v. 0.2

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