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2011-11-09 Return to Development

Elitic's Photo Elitic 09 Nov 2011

Hello Fallout Studios mates,

It's true that mod was dead for over year!

I take responsibility for this sad event, as i did all hard work you've seen on this mod alone, there was no team behind RTC. Sadly my free time was very limited and I couldn't bear all roles in mod development and then the project was halted and there was no-one who would have continued to work on mod.
Enough of sad news, now I'm here to form a team to return development to full speed.
The new Return to Church modification development team is recruiting for responsible & experienced:
  • Humanoid/Organic modeler (This is most needed role!)
  • Texture Artist for organic models
  • Texture Artist for weapons and other non-organic stuff
  • Concept/GFX Artist
  • Animator (Mainly for weapons, but could do some animations for third person players)

Think you could do anything for MOD? Please don't hesitate to contact me!
You have unused content, such as: levels, models, props, textures that would fit this mod theme? Please contact me if you're willing to share.
I will continue to work on this mod as soon as I have free time. (I'm studying and working at the moment, so my time is very limited)
Thank you for reading through news of this mod! I hope there would be kind people who could help this mod!
If you have any ideas for mod, then I'm listening :P

Evaldas Veitas,
The founder of RTC
Edited by Elitic, 09 November 2011 - 01:31.

Wizard's Photo Wizard 09 Nov 2011

Welcome back Elitic. Glad to see you have returned to work and good luck finding your team :P

Elitic's Photo Elitic 09 Nov 2011

Hello Wizard, thank you :P I hope I would succeed doing it.
Edited by Elitic, 09 November 2011 - 13:26.