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Defensive turret switching, component style?

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#1 Madin


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Posted 12 January 2012 - 13:45

I have some component tower style defences for C&C3 and what I was looking to do is, that the turrets can all be built separately (has with the standard defences they replace).
But then each turret has a couple of buttons that allow you to switch to another type of turret (so each turret has a button that will allow to turn into another turret type).

How would I go about doing this?
The 3 turrets will be three separate game objects. This makes it simpler for the AI, has it can just build the defences the normal way and will not have to worry about turret switching or building composite defences.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

#2 Golan

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Posted 12 January 2012 - 14:13

I'd suggest making them all the same object with upgrades merely switching models and weapons. In order to provide the ability to build them individually, create special versions of the default that already have a certain upgrade/model by default - this is best done through inheriting.
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#3 Madin


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Posted 13 January 2012 - 21:10

Thanks! This seems to have worked reasonably well!

Of course I will find out during stress testing. :P

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