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New RTS Games coming out in 2024!

TheDR's Photo TheDR 10 Dec 2023

Tom keeps mentioning new RTS games for next year and I keep trying to recommend them to people. Can people post them here so we can keep track of them.


Slightly Wonky Robob's Photo Slightly Wonky Robob 10 Dec 2023

I know there are a bunch more, but the ones I'm following are:

D.O.R.F Real-Time Strategic Conflict
Beyond All Reason
And the most important one, Ardent Seas 8)

Chyros's Photo Chyros 10 Dec 2023

Tempest Rising
Sanctuary Shattered Sun
Red Chaos
Global Conflagration
Dying Breed
Beyond All Reason
Falling Frontier
Ardent Seas

Chyros's Photo Chyros 10 Dec 2023

Some more reference material:


Destiny's Photo Destiny 14 Dec 2023

Fragile Existence

It's a space fleet management game with planetary RTS (a little like planetary annihilation) resource base building and gathering to send up to your fleet. Battlestar Galactica + Planetary Annihilation, until your fleet is big enough to fight whatever's hunting down the remnants of humanity! Saw it from one of Chyros's videos

Destiny's Photo Destiny 27 Jan 2024

new footage!
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